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Laura’s work is dynamic. She writes in a variety of genres, and has edited and critiqued some of the finest living poets–and the absolutely novice. Her performances range from collaborations with musicians, visual artists, and filmmakers, to intimate readings in people’s homes, always leaving her audience with an unforgettable experience. Laura is available both for individual mentorships, and to lead workshops on craft, performance, and social justice issues such as race, gender, sexuality, and mental health. Laura believes we all have the means to communicate in a voice absolutely our own, through intimate letters, business emails, or during public speaking and performance of all kinds. Sharing the tools to what she does is as important to her as exercising her own talents.


Along with Kim Johnson, Laura founded the Bay Area Women Writers’ Collective in 2006 to address the dearth of women in the poetry scene at that time; the result was an incredible and lasting upswing of women’s participation onstage, and a greater sense of community and mentorship among women writers in the Bay Area.


While living in Chicago, Laura founded and regularly hosted Real Talk Live, a monthly arts show, with several other brilliant writers. Real Talk Live featured new and established talent in every artistic genre, showcasing the best artists from or traveling through Chicago during those years.

Laura has a vested interest in supporting other writers, helping them to grow their craft in every way. To this end, she offers manuscript consultations to aspiring and established writers for reasonable rates, given availability.

To inquire about booking Laura for performances, workshops, hosting, or consultations, contact her using the form below. Random greetings and heartfelt compliments always welcome–as well as book purchases straight from the artist herself!