Doing YOUR Right Thing.

Art by Sarah Myles Spencer.

Good morning, human hearts.

I haven’t posted for a long time, because there’s been TOO MUCH going on in the world lately. I simply have not been able to both keep pace and respond responsibly. Sometimes it’s important to step back from the pulpit, the stage, or the soapbox to absorb happenings–it’s important for me, at least.

Besides being Father’s Day, it’s Juneteenth today. The holiday that most Americans didn’t know about until recently. I feel confident saying many Americans still don’t know about Juneteenth, and even more confident saying some Americans definitely feel hostile or snide about it. I 1000% do not give a shit about those people right now. This post is for the rest of y’all.

Black folks who don’t already have ideas or plans, consider doing something kind or empowering for yourselves or someone close to you today and tomorrow–even if it’s brief, or feels small. Self-care, education, community/family/ancestral connection… You are entitled to peace and power.

Everybody else who’s curious and doesn’t know what to do with that, I recommend doing some reading. You could research the holiday itself, if you don’t know about it. Otherwise, there are about a million other aspects of black American life, culture, and history that you can educate yourself about; we have so much darkness and pain from our past that will not ever leave us unless we uncover and address it, and you can be an active participant in that process if you decide that matters.

Thank you for caring for one another. ❤

Tell it like it is.

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