Some Truths and Some Lies

1. Protozoa have taken over my right eye, leading to excruciating pain, sensitivity to light, and effective blindness (I walked into not one, but two poles last week). My center of gravity and depth perception are shit.

2. People regularly come into our house. Through the windows sometimes, probably also the doors. We never catch them, but they leave traces. We have no idea what they want, or who they are.

3. I have a surface wound on the back of my right hand a bit larger than a silver dollar. It started as a cyst, and then I drained it myself, drawing out a startling amount of pus. Quite a horror. Now it’s nearly healed.

4. I would probably kill you if I had to. I will probably never need to kill anyone. I don’t even dream about it. Killing you would not cure me, at all.

5. Illness drives me to madness and desperation. Health glimmers in the distance, a microscopic speck.

2 thoughts on “Some Truths and Some Lies

  1. I am concerned about you from many angles. I cannot be silent and not say my heart cries for you. Your post disturbs me because it speaks of fear, pain and anger. How are you helping yourself. How are you letting others help you.


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