The Ask.

It is terror to say it out loud. Fear to admit the true want that drives it all, that circles the heart and tickles the brain. Why? Some days it all seems so damn impossible. So silly. I can’t be the one, surely I don’t deserve it, can’t do it. No way nohow as a poet, as a woman, black/brown/mixed, queer, too old and too young, too raw, too late. God it is hard to admit what I want. But it’s time.

I want this book to be the big kick up. I want it to be the wings that level me up to where I am not hand-to-mouth anymore, where I can make the money just making the art, just doing the writing, art, and gigs that feed me, or mostly so.

I want this to be when I actually get to become an international artist. I want to go everywhere in the world with my art. I want to share it, to use it to learn and teach everywhere I go. Goddamnit, I don’t need riches or fame, I need freedom. I need flight.

So here it is. The big ask. Anything y’all are willing to do to help–write a review on Amazon or for a lit journal, recommend me for events or festivals, share a poem of mine with someone who might love it, might need it… Please, y’all. I am calling loud, Gods-level loud for maybe the very first time. Let me be light; give me my flight.

Tell it like it is.

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