Whelmed +

In other words, there’s too much going and gone bad in the daily world for me to feel capable of scratching the surface, on any given Sunday. So I tend to write about other things, or I find myself telling what I have to say slant. I just learned that a writer I love died […]

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No matter what,

I feel so fortunate to have an ecosystem (comprised of body/mind/mostly anonymous microorganisms/various systems/energy/intangible &c.) that’s often so attuned to the outpouring of art in all its glory. For once YouTube did me really right, tonight: It called up a suddenly-beloved-though-until-just-now-new-to-me video, Laurie Anderson’s “O Superman.” It seems the algorithm rewarded me for fucking around […]

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Rewriting Our Roles in this World

Awhile back, I was told about this method of general self-motivation I’ll call The Three. Since I’m a real introvert, and I have depressive and anxious tendencies (and probably fit the borderline personality criteria perfectly), I can struggle sometimes to accomplish well nigh anything. For folks like me, there are absolutely days when getting out […]

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Doing YOUR Right Thing.

Good morning, human hearts. I haven’t posted for a long time, because there’s been TOO MUCH going on in the world lately. I simply have not been able to both keep pace and respond responsibly. Sometimes it’s important to step back from the pulpit, the stage, or the soapbox to absorb happenings–it’s important for me, […]

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Every Day a New Day

I think a lot about goodness, and what can possibly make an everyday person “good” in these raging, discourteous days. The central quality I return to again and again, as perhaps the essence of “goodness,” is empathy. Empathy may be the most difficult virtue to cultivate; nevertheless, I believe it’s the only possible path to […]

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Pain // Power // Protest II

Celebrity deaths tend to be straightforward news for me, easy enough to accept, even when I’m an admirer of the star in question. What ends befall the famous rarely wound or trouble me much at all. When someone I admire disappears from this life, my internal monologue peacefully rambles: A person succeeded, impacted, inspired, created […]

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